Accelerated Freefall Course (AFF)

€1880 for all 8 training levels.

If you have already completed some levels elsewhere, or you needed a refund for any reason & you had already started the course, then the €1880 is broken down into theses level prices:

  • Ground school €120
  • 1,2,3 - €285
  • 4,5,6,7 - €203
  • 8 - €57
  • Goggles & logbook €36 

10 solo consolidation jumps are required for the basic A licence. These are payable direct to the dropzone and are €54 each.

AFF Repeat jumps: 

Not everyone manages to pass every level first time, although, we do have an extremely high first time pass rate compared to other schools. This is because of our highly skilled & experienced instructors that give you 1 to 1 training. 

  • Level 1-3 €232 each 
  • Level 4-7 €162.50 each 
  • Level 8 €57 

If for some reason you didn’t complete the course, you may opt to just come back in the future to finish off, keeping the money with us, that's up to you. Please be aware that break of more than 4 weeks between levels will often result in a repeat to the last level. This is determined by the Drop Zone’s safety officer on safety grounds. 

Cancellation of a course less than 2 weeks before the start date is charged at €100. With more than 2 weeks notice, a full refund is given. If after doing level 1 you decide you don't want to carry on then you will get a refund of the course, less €405 (L1 & ground school) and a €100 cancellation fee. If you got to level 2 or more and then decided that you wanted to stop for some reason, then the remainder of the levels will be refunded. 

The Best Value: 

Skydive Euphoria prides its self on being what it considers the best & most comprehensive AFF course in the world. 99% of or students come to us as recommendations from Skydivers! We feel quite sure that the extra value we offer will as an average reduce the amount of repeat levels (often to 0) & provide a long lasting safe ethos to this sport that will last for ever, reducing potential injury in the future. We go the extra mile. The following list is unique to Skydive Euphoria. 

  1. Two dedicated instructors that are there purely to get you through the AFF program as fast as practical. Your instructors will be dedicating themselves to you & only you. Your instructors will not be doing anything accept being 100% dedicated to you. (Most of the time on an AFF course you will be passed from 1 instructor to the other & they will be busy doing other jumps with other people & many students are left waiting around, sometimes for days.) 
  2. Two radios so you really can hear what your instructor is telling you to do under canopy, helping you land in the right place & softly. (Usually one 1 radio is used & it is often not loud enough) 
  3. Canopy coaching with the aid of a camcorder.This is where if you are going to hurt yourself, it will be on the landing. We pride ourselves on having an incredible track record of students doing good landings because of the on going coaching. (It is amazing to think that landings are so rarely filmed on a normal course & if people get away with not hurting themselves, then bad habits are adopted & then it is just a matter of time before they do. ) 
  4. Instructors for life: All of our students have come back for ongoing training. We are here for you to pop us a question, or give us a call & tap into our decades of experience.  

Freefly Coaching

Coaching rates

The below can be shared between a group. This is useful when either wanting organising for: 

  • Tracking, Formation, Angle or Formation Skydiving. 
  • Aiming to get the British Skydiving stickers & sign offs so you can jump with others.
  • It might also work well when say 2 or 3 people want to share the cost, do either group jumps where experience allows, or a series of one on one jumps with coaching advice before & between solos. 
  • We would look after all members of the group all day to maximise their skill progression. 
  • Included in the day rate can also be for example, learning to pack, B licence breifs & practicals, or what ever is needed on the ground to progress your Skydiving. 
  • All landings (where practical) to be filmed & debriefed. So you will receive a canopy course on every jump. Working on landing patterns, the 2 stage flare & moving into more performance landings to if wanted. 
  • During each coaching day, short lessons on how to keep your skydiving safe & how to deal with adverse weather conditions, will reduce off landings & make you a better, safer Skydiver. 
  • Finally, All the questions you have but don’t usually have someone on hand with so much experience to ask, or they are too busy.  


Skydive Algarve - 150e per day, for the first 5 days, then 120e per day there after. Students pay for all the jump tickets.

Skydive Spain & Skydive Portugal - 180e per day, minimum booking of 3 days, 150e per day there after. Students pay for all the jump tickets.

With the day rates we can work on what ever you like all day. So you will find yourself getting many months of skydiving experience in each day! All from a world Free-Fly medalist as both performer & cameraman, as well as a Free-Fly Artisics Judge. This makes Skydive Euphoria a great one stop shop to take you to competition level if needed. With 6 years of international Free-Fly competitions, 11 years as a full time wind tunnel coach & more than 4000 coach jumps (as of 2022) You have a lot of Knowledge to tap into. With this much experience, we have seen & fixed almost everything over the years. 

If you should catch us at a DropZone & want to do coach jumps with canopy coaching then the price is 45e per jump, Students pay for all the jump tickets.

Time on the ground is charged at 25e per hour, this can be handy if you are missing a B licence brief for example, or you need a packing sign off & say already have some experience packing, but need a pack job watched & checked before jumping. 

If you have had a lay off from the sport, depending on how long it has been & your previous experience, then booking Skydive Euphoria for a day or two will save you time because we can start work on what ever you need, maybe a ground school or repeat levels on the first day of your arrival with prior booking. We will work to your time scale, so that your valuable skydiving time is maximised.

To book a day is easy, just send an email to or find Skydive Euphoria on Facebook & send a message. Please include your dates & preference of where you would like to start improving your skills. We will message you back asap to make further arrangements. We will then ask for a conformation deposit of 25% of the total booking. It is fine to pay in cash, Revolute or £s into a UK company account with an invoice entitled training.  

Bad weather; it happens, If we have on the ground skills to work on eg packing or B Licence briefs, a non jumping day can be very useful. So the day rate will still apply or the hourly rate, what ever works best for the student. If we can see the night before that it will be a none jumping or touch & go day, then we would simply not go to the DropZone & you would not be charged. But if the student has made the decision to the DropZone but we can’t jump, then the day rate will still apply. It is easy these days to make pretty good calls on the weather, all we can do as Skydivers is come to some of the most reliable weather areas in Europe. In the Algarve & Skydive Spain, the amount of jumping days is unrivalled in Europe. Most of the time skydivers are too exhausted at the end of that day to make the last lift, yes, it is not unusual for Skydivers to jump them selves out by the end of the day! Imagine turning down a jump because you have had enough for the day, something we rarely experience in Northern Europe.  

We are also at the mercy of other factors with skydiving, so the question “how many jumps can I do in a day?” Is totally impossible to answer accept it is between 0 & 20. There is a large amount of just accepting what we are given with this sport. The weather will do its own thing & so will how busy the DropZone is. Too quiet, & it might take time to fill the loads resulting in a slow day. Or it could be too busy also resulting in a slow day, or maybe it is right in the middle, the goldie locks zone. One thing is for sure, we will get what ever we are given & there isn’t anything anyone can do about it. From a DropZone point of view. Skydive Spain is possibly the best in Europe or similar to Empuria Brava, so for maximum jumps, that is the place to head, especially in the winter. Then weekends at Skydive Portugal are fast paced & can also yield large numbers. Week days are often very slow. Then, at the moment, Skydive Algarve has the least potential jump numbers in a day but does seem to be quite consistent if you don’t waste time, maybe 4-5 jumps per day is possible & not uncommon any day of the week.

I hope the above helps clarify some unanswered questions, Please feel free to call me on +447747504652 fo any further help or advice.