How long does AFF take?

We advise you to give yourself a minimum of 7 days to complete.

After the initial full day of AFF theory in the classroom, students can typically complete the course in just a few days carrying out around 2-3 skydives daily but it is wise to allow extra time as this does depend on a few factors, including the weather and how you take to the course. However, the AFF training is personalised and our instructors do their best to ensure your progression. Should you find that you have extra time at the end of your holiday, you may opt to do more jumps, or simply take the opportunity to explore Algarve or work on your tan at the local beach!

We have in the past have students complete the ground school & all the AFF levels & even a console jump in 2 days. But this is not the norm.

What happens next?

Once you have graduated the AFF course, it’s time to skydive completely solo. This is an exhilarating experience and one you will never forget. You will complete the next 10 ‘consolidation jumps’ whilst still under the supervision of an instructor, who will check you on the ground and in the aircraft before you exit the plane – totally solo.

Why should I learn with Skydive Euphoria?

Your AFF instructor Paul Capsey and his carefully chosen team, are dedicated to giving you the benefit of their extensive knowledge and experience. They will plan your days jumping so your not rushed, but are making the most of the good jumping weather. Can you think of being in safer hands than with a world medalists? We live & breath skydiving & are here for your whole journey.

Jumps 1 to 7 are all filmed by the instructor, this footage you can keep free of charge.

Do I need insurance?

This for us is a must. Skydive Euphoria can only vouch for Skycover

Choose single trip Europe. Its £69 & covers you for a 2 week trip. On the very rare occasion people have needed to claim from their insurance, Skycover have given a great service. Please make sure it covers your personal needs. Everyone is different.

They also do a full year cover, which you may feel is more cost effective in the long run.

If you plan to jump in the U.K you will also need to be a member of the BPA (British Parachute Association, now called British Skydiving), it costs around £110 per year. If your not from the U.K then you just need to be a member of your countries parachute association.

Skydiving Course information

What time should I arrive at the airfield?

AFF training starts promptly at 8.15 so students should arrive by 8.00am unless you have been informed otherwise. 

What do I need To bring?

We will provide all the skydiving equipment so you just need to make sure you bring thin layers of clothing to wear under your jumpsuit so it’s not too bulky and allows for movement. Regular trainers are the best footwear. In the Summer months you won’t need a great deal except a hat, suncream and sunglasses, but in winter you will want a fleece for example as it is a little chiller at 15,000ft. You might want to bring a book to read during any downtime and free Wi-fi is available in the café & the hanger.

What are Consols?

Consols are ‘consolidation jumps’, so-called because they are designed to be used to ‘consolidate’ what you have learnt during your AFF Levels before we let you loose on the skydiving world! As you will have only competed 7 jumps you are still very new to the sport and there is an intermediate period when you are still classed as a ‘student skydiver’ and must still be supervised by a qualified skydiving instructor on the ground before you jump, and in the aircraft. However you will exit the plane completely solo on your consol jumps.

Do many people have to repeat jumps?

Some students sail straight through and others have a sticking point. It is difficult to predict how you will take to skydiving until you start. Please do come with a contingency fund in case you do need to pay for any additional jumps as these are charged in addition to the course price. It is worth noting that with the 1 to 1 method that we offer, that repeating levels is actually fairly rare. Whereas on a normal course, repeating at least 1 level often 2 or 3! Is usual, with us, so far this year, only 1 in 20 students had to repeat a level. 

What happens if I don’t complete the AFF course during my trip?

You will be refunded as per the pricing structure for your remaining jumps. Please note if there is a long period of time during which time you have not jumped then, for your own safety, you may need to repeat a level or undergo further training – these ‘currency’ requirements will be outlined in your AFF course manual. 

It really pays to attempt to get the course and console jumps completed without delay.

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